Friday, 24 September 2010

Last day

24 September: This is my last day at PPHPZ and will have to be my last post before leaving for Britain. It is also going to have to be a lunch time post as I have to see someone out of the office this afternoon and am not planning to return. But that is not guaranteed – there seemed just a hint of panic to finish a few things before I leave today which might just cause me to have to return. Someone keeps asking me what time my flight is on Saturday!

The plan is later to go out for a meal to celebrate (mark? – it depends on your point of view) my departure. I am not sure where we are going or what type of food we will be having. It is interesting how the guide books and even the Zambian Tourist people talk about the fine range of food available in Zambia: Indian, Chinese, Mexican, European … . I should add that the Zambian food I have had has been pretty good too!

(not taken in Lusaka, actually.)

I feel I should end with some reflections on the month but it is too early for that. And anyway it might not be raining in Addis Ababa where I have a five hour wait between flights. And then I have to find my car in the purple car park …

PS. I have just discovered that the purple trees that have so impressed me are Jacaranda trees.

PPS. Monkey update: I also told someone local about my experiences with the monkeys. He was not quite as sanguine about the encounter as I was and said they can be a bit ‘cheeky’. I suppose I should be grateful that it was a hot day.

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  1. Taken from Wikipedia - "Jacarandas are also popular in the southern and central parts of Florida and the southwestern United States, notably in Phoenix, Arizona and San Diego"

    I thought they looked familiar! (and while Wikipedia is not necessarily the best font of information, I think in this case we can trust it). And, I agree, they are very striking trees.